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The sheer number of video game franchises present in the current landscape are innumerable, with pretty much every half-baked title seemingly worthy of a sequel, prequel, spin-off, or anything else along the same lines. However, none of these franchises even come close to the sheer impact of the Grand Theft Auto series, which is undoubtedly one of the most influential and iconic video game franchises of all time.

Grand Theft Auto 3 is arguably responsible for the new wave of open-world sandbox gaming that is still going strong to this very day, and subsequent games in the franchise have constantly pushed the boundaries of open-world gaming with a variety of locales, interesting stories, hilarious characters, and everything else along the same lines. However, not everything is handled with the classic GTA comedic twist that we're all familiar with — some areas in the game are downright terrifying, especially if you happen upon them without any prior warning. Here are some locations in Grand Theft Auto that are bound to send shivers down your spine.

Updated on August 19, 2021, by Ritwik Mitra: It would be impossible to talk about the most iconic open-world franchises of all time without mentioning the behemoth that is Grand Theft Auto. This series is single-handedly responsible for turning Rockstar Games into one of the giants in the industry, with each and every one of its titles being hyped to the moon and back. The Grand Theft Auto series is created with immaculate attention to detail... along with a few scary inclusions to unnerve an unsuspecting player who's roaming around these vast open worlds. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the scariest locations in Grand Theft Auto.

Abandoned Hospital (GTA 4)

Players who head to the south end of Colony Island will be in for a rather nasty surprise. After all, this area is home to an abandoned hospital that gives most players the heebie-jeebies.

This hospital is familiar to players mainly since one of the hardest Grand Theft Auto 4 missions takes place here — The Snow Storm. However, heading to this place at night is extremely eerie, with some players swearing that they've witnessed a ghost in this location.

Blaine County Motel (GTA 5)

Players seeking out haunted places in GTA 5 should definitely check out the abandoned Blaine County Motel. The location might seem innocuous, but it can be rather unnerving to roam around this area at times.

The fact that some of the rooms in the motel are boarded up points towards a rather traumatic event that occurred in this area. However, without sufficient clues, players will be forever left in the dark when it comes to the history of this area.

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Ghost Town (GTA 3)

Grand Theft Auto 3 marked a massive transformation for the series, with the shift to a 3D open-world setting being a catalyst for the massive success of this series. The manner in which the game starts off with a bank robbery gone wrong was an indication of the things to come.

What most people might not know is that the area where GTA 3 shows its first cutscene is actually present in the game... albeit in a rather creepy fashion. This Ghost Town can be encountered by flying the lone plane in the game, the Dodo. The fact that there's no collision detection for this area makes the Ghost Town even scarier.

The Amityville House (GTA 4)

The Amityville House is easily one of the scariest locations in real life. So, it's only a given that a series like GTA would also pay its homage to this haunting area.

Players can find this legendary house in Alderney, and it's only a given that the creepy nature of this place is still quite intact. Players have reported everything from ghostly sightings to haunting screams... although there's no solid proof aside from player testimonies.

Vinewood Cemetery (GTA 5)

It's only a given that a cemetery would be a rather creepy area in any video game. Grand Theft Auto 5 is no exception to this rule.

The Vinewood Cemetery is one of the many scary places in GTA 5 that will send chills down any player's spine. One of the more notable parts of this area is an empty grave with a pistol, which is rather odd. Most players assume that this grave is a reference to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, where CJ and Sweet's mom is buried.

Inside The Statue Of Happiness (GTA 4)

Grand Theft Auto 4 easily has one of the most iconic easter eggs in the entirely of gaming... and also one of the most horrifying to boot. The Heart Of Liberty City is something that needs to be seen to be believed, although one look might scar gamers for life.

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This easter egg is inside the Statue Of Happiness — an obvious knockoff of The Statue Of Liberty. Players need to land directly at the base of the statue, which is no easy task. After going past a fake door, players can climb the ladder to witness this monstrosity.

Mount Gordo (GTA 5)

Speaking of well-known and creepy easter eggs, it goes without saying that the ghost of Mount Gordo would definitely make an appearance here. Players who come here in the middle of the night with a sniper rifle can look down the scope near the peak to witness the ghost of Jolene Cranley-Evans that disappears if they come too close.

The story goes that Jock Cranley — Jolene's husband — wanted to move out of Blaine County while Jolene wanted to stay. Unable to change her mind, Jock decided to end this fractured marriage altogether by pushing his wife down the cliff.

Back O' Beyond Woods (GTA: San Andreas)

The Back O' Beyond Woods in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a legendary location in the game, with the mystery of a Bigfoot in the game stemming from this area. While this was proven to be untrue, there are still some eerie things about this place nevertheless.

Basically, people who roam around the woods find a random car heading towards them without anyone in the driver's seat. This is a glitch in the game since it spawns a car for the player in the middle of nowhere and the hilly terrain of the woods causes the car to move around.

Abandoned Sprunk Factory (GTA 4)

Grand Theft Auto 4 was a landmark title in every sense of the word, with its fair share of creepy locations and occurrences. One such location is the Abandoned Sprunk Factory, with a ton of fan theories around this place.

Players have stated that they've seen alligators and ghosts roaming the area, although that has never been proven. What has been proven are the random screams in the location that happens when a person fires a gun. This has been explained, however — apparently, the hobos under the building hear the gunshots and scream out of horror.

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Apartment 3C (GTA: Vice City)

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is heavily inspired by Scarface, so it was inevitable that a bunch of references to the movie would make their appearance here.

The creepiest one in this regard is Apartment 3C — a random apartment that players can enter if they wish, following which they'll be greeted with a horrifying sight in the bathroom. The bathroom walls will be stained with blood, along with a chainsaw pick-up — an obvious nod to the iconic murder scene of Angel in Scarface.

Mine Shaft (GTA 5)

The Mine Shaft in Grand Theft Auto 5 was initially locked up in the original version, but players could actually destroy the boards guarding the main entrance and explore this eerie location in the Enhanced Version.

The scene that greets them is quite horrifying, with a wrinkled body wearing old 1940s clothing somehow preserved in this tunnel.

Hobo Tunnel (GTA 3)

Speaking of tunnels, there's no way we could fail to mention the Hobo Tunnel from Grand Theft Auto 3. The presence of this location in the game is never explained, making its mystery all the more intriguing... and disturbing.

The worst part about this area is that the only people in the location are four hobos facing each other with molotovs, who do nothing as you beat them to a pulp.

El Castillo Del Diablo (GTA: San Andreas)

San Andreas makes another appearance on this list, with an area that is connected to every other place around it in the most chilling way possible. El Castillo Del Diablo is a bunch of rock formations, with a mass grave at its very center.

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The fact that this place is close to both Las Brujas — a ghost town — and Area 69 — a hilarious nod to Area 51 — has led to people believing that the government took the residents of Las Brujas, experimented on them, and disposed of failures in this mass grave.

Merle Abrahams' House (GTA 5)

The Infinity Killer from Grand Theft Auto 5 is easily one of the most disturbing easter eggs in the entire game, and what makes it even more chilling is that you can actually visit this serial killer's house!

The house is charred and abandoned, with disturbing graffiti all over the wall related to the number eight. There's also a set of tally marks counting to 15, which could be anything from a victim counting his final days to his child's age (in days or years) before Merle killed him. Yikes.

Mount Chiliad (GTA 5)

The Mount Chiliad mystery from Grand Theft Auto 5 is easily one of the most fascinating and chilling mysteries in the game. The mural present in this area was a message for the player to 100 percent the game and reach the peak during a storm.

Upon meeting the above conditions, players will be able to witness a UFO in the distance, which is quite jarring, to say the least.

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Jeremy HuntSouth West Surrey (since 2005)24 May 2019
Sajid JavidBromsgrove (since 2010)27 May 2019
Boris JohnsonUxbridge and South Ruislip (since 2015)16 May 2019
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In the 2021 election, the party fell to two seats. Amita Kuttner has served as the interim party leader since 24 November 2021. The party's parliamentary leader is Elizabeth May, who previously served as party leader from 2006 to 2019.

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