Elite Dangerous: The Best Mining Ships (2023)

By Harry Alston



When heading out for a mining expedition in Elite Dangerous, it is important to pick the best ship for the job.

Elite Dangerous: The Best Mining Ships (1)

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  • Mining Fundamentals In Elite Dangerous
  • The Keelback - A Sturdy Ship Ready For Battle
  • The Adder - A Cheap And Cheerful Mining Ship
  • The Imperial Clipper - A Fast And Smooth Mining Ship
  • Cobra Mark 3 - The Best Beginner Mining Ship
  • The Krait Mk II - A Mobile Ship With Lots Of Holding
  • Asp Explorer - A Mid-tier Ship That Excels At Deep Core Mining
  • The Python - A Mining Ship Upgrade
  • Imperial Cutter - The Top-tier Mining Ship
  • In Summary:

Elite Dangerous is a space simulator in every sense of the word: even seemingly mundane tasks are given a lot of attention, and mining is no exception. There are multiple combinations of gear, several ships to try, and an ore variety that makes other game's mining mechanics look like 2009 Minecraft.

Heading out on a mining expedition is one of the more lucrative activities for newbie astronauts and experienced players alike. A successful mining trip in Elite Dangerous is all about the ship you use. Here's a guide to the best ships in the game.

Updated April 20, 2022 by William Quick: There are many ways that space games allow you to make a career while flying through the stars. In the universe of Elite Dangerous, there are tons of opportunities out there with mining being one of the most profitable. To have the most success, you consider the following ships for your mining operation.

Mining Fundamentals In Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous: The Best Mining Ships (2)
(Video) The BEST Mining Ships in Elite Dangerous

Like everything in Elite Dangerous, mining is pretty complicated. There are some key things you need to keep in mind before planning a mining run: the type of ship you're using, the installations on board said ship, and the type of ore you're going for.

Although mining might sound like a relatively peaceful activity, there are almost always pirates hunting for undefended mining ships that are carrying potentially hundreds of thousands of credits worth of ore. This means you shouldn't just be purchasing a ship for its cargo size and mining-ready hardpoints, but a ship that is also capable of either defending itself or zipping away as fast as possible.

There are also very different types of ore in the game, and different types of mining to match. You can spend your time blowing asteroids to pieces to harvest the ore inside or take a more refined path through laser mining. Different ships are suited to different mining activities, although generally most of the ships are versatile enough to kit out with different mining gear. We'll cover some of the best builds for the ships below.

You can read more about how to get started with mining in this comprehensive mining guide.

The Keelback - A Sturdy Ship Ready For Battle

Elite Dangerous: The Best Mining Ships (3)

Straight from Lakon Spaceways, the Keelback was mainly designed for carrying around soldiers while joining in the combat. It can be a bit pricey for beginners, but the specs it offers make it worth the investment since not only will it be able to protect you and your haul, but it'll also be able to hold quite a lot. It comes battle-ready with a good amount of Armour and a solid Armor Hardness.

It starts out with a lot of empty slots, so there are plenty of customization options. Not only can you give it far more weaponry and combat specs, but there's plenty of room to add more mining-friendly tools and cargo to haul as much as you can.

Here are some of its base attributes:

  • It can cost more than 3,100,000 Credits
  • Its base Top Speed is around 202 m/s
  • It starts with a 38-tonne Carrying Capacity
  • Its Shields have 98 MJ

It has a lot of Hardpoints and Internal Components slots available for sample builds such as this one:

  • 2D Mining Lasers and a Detailed Surface Scanner
  • 5E Cargo Racks and a 3A Collector Limpet Controller
  • 3C Shield Generator, 1C Refinery, and 4C Fuel Tank
  • 4C Power Plant, 1D Life Support, and 2D Sensors
  • Lightweight Alloy, 3A Power Distributor, 4A Thrusters, and 4A Frame Ship Drive

The Adder - A Cheap And Cheerful Mining Ship

Elite Dangerous: The Best Mining Ships (4)
(Video) Top 5 best TRADE and MINING ships in Elite Dangerous

The Adder is one of the cheapest ships in Elite Dangerous and as a result is ideal for players who are embarking on their very first mining mission. Although the Adder is cheap, it does come with a Class 2 hardpoint and decent Armor (comparable to even the Cobra Mark 3, which is about 100x more expensive.) This Class 2 hardpoint means you can mount a Seismic Charge Launcher or Mining Laser onboard.

In the perfect world, you want to balance your Adder build with some rudimentary defenses, one Class 2 Mining Attachment, and enough cargo space, collector limpets, and prospector limpets to turn this rudimentary spaceship into an efficient mining machine.

Some details about the Adder:

  • It costs just under 90,000 Credits
  • The ship has a maximum top speed of 255 m/s with full upgrades
  • It has an armor rating of 162 (not bad, not bad at all)
  • It comes with a Class 2 hardpoint, the only ship of its class to have one

A sample mining Adder build might look like this:

  • Lightweight Alloy, Power Plant, Thrusters, Frame Shift Drive, Life Support, Power Distributor, Sensors, Fuel Tank
  • 3E Cargo Rack and 2E Cargo Rack
  • Refinery, Collector Limpet Controller, Prospector Limpet Controller
  • Class 2 Mining Laser, Pulse Laser, Pulse Laser
  • Chaff Launcher and Heat Sink Launcher

The Imperial Clipper - A Fast And Smooth Mining Ship

Like something straight out of a classic sci-fi TV series, the Imperial Clipper from Gutamaya has got your bases covered. Not only because it's a multipurpose ship, but because its technical aspects make it a worthwhile option for exploration and mining. Its design gives it good handling and allows it to cut through the stars with tremendous speed and jump capacity.

There are many Internal Compartments and Hardpoints to fill with all the mining equipment you need, so start saving up for this ship and its attachments. Feel like a high-ranking pirate or imperial noble as you fly through the stars in this sleek ride.

Some of the Imperial Clipper's specs include:

  • A price stage of over 22,295,000 Credits
  • A base Top Speed of 306 m/s
  • A starting 74-tonne Cargo Capacity
  • Shields that support 186 MJ

You can outfit an upgraded Clipper with the following sample build:

  • 2D Mining Lasers and 1A Prospector Limpet Controller
  • 7E Cargo Rack, 6E Cargo Rack, and 3A Collector Limpet Controllers
  • 4A Shield Generator, 2A Refinery, and 4C Fuel Tank
  • 6B Power Plant, 5D Life Support, and 5D Sensors
  • Lightweight Alloy, 6A Power Distributor, 6C Thrusters, and 5A Frame Ship Drive

Cobra Mark 3 - The Best Beginner Mining Ship

Elite Dangerous: The Best Mining Ships (6)

The Cobra Mark 3 is a jack-of-all-trades kind of ship. It's suitable for traders, explorers, pirates, and for the purposes of this guide, as a mining ship. The Cobra costs just under 400,000 credits, which is very reasonable for a beginner ship. Here are a few of the specifics:

(Video) My New Favourite Mining Ship - Multi-Purpose Mining Python | Elite Dangerous

  • The Cobra Mark 3 has a default cargo capacity of 18 tonnes, plenty for a good amount of ore
  • It has a default max speed of 282 m/s, which is ideal if you find yourself in a run-in with miner-hunting pirates
  • The Cobra has 2 Utility Mounts, 2 Small hardpoints, and 2 Medium hardpoints, which means you can stock it with the gear you need for a mining run

Cobra Mark 3 Laser Mining Starter Build

The first thing you should do once purchasing this ship is to replace the E-rated modules with better gear. Laser mining focuses on two key resources: Painite or Low-Temperature Diamonds. To find these hotspots you're going to need a scanner, a mining laser, and enough collector limpets to make the hoarding process a bit easier. An example build looks like this:

  • Lightweight Alloy, Life Support, Thrusters (these are the core internal parts of your ship)
  • Mining Laser
  • Cargo Rack, add in an extra rack if you've got the space
  • Detailed Surface Scanner — this is the only way to find ore
  • Refinery (so you can refine the ore onboard the ship)
  • Collector Limpets scoop up the ore, so you don't have to
  • Heat Sink Launcher — the Cobra has the capability to fire back, so why not?

Cobra Mark 3 Core Mining Starter Build

Core mining is all about blasting apart asteroids and harvesting the minerals inside. There are a lot of technical algorithms and complicated graphs as to which asteroids are worth mining, but as a newbie miner you probably just want to go for the glowing ones and hope for the best. Glowing? Yes, the core mining method relies heavily on the Surface Scanner and Pulse Wave Scanner to find ores. They're highlighted with a bright color.

To successfully core mine in a Cobra Mark 3 you need:

  • Pulse Wave Scanner (used to scan entire asteroid belts)
  • Detailed Surface Scanner (scans specific asteroids)
  • Abrasion Blaster and a Seismic Charge Launcher to destroy the asteroids
  • Refinery (so you can refine your ore onboard)
  • Collector and Prospector Limpet Charges (to collect ore and check the mineral content)
  • Cargo racks to carry all your yummy ore back to a station

The Krait Mk II - A Mobile Ship With Lots Of Holding

Elite Dangerous: The Best Mining Ships (7)

There's something about flat plate-like ships that just makes sense and looking at the Krait Mk II by Faulcon DeLacy supports that idea. This is another ship that is tailored more towards combat but can easily be adapted for mining and whatever else you have planned. It may not be as protected as the other ships but makes up for it with decent movement, strong shields, and lots of space.

Due to its combat leanings, it starts with standard gear made for fighting, but you can easily change all that. Fill in the slots of the Hardpoints and Internal Components with all the right stuff, and you'll be ready to start mining with the best of them and defend yourself if it comes to it.

Familiarize yourself with some of this ship's specs:

  • It can cost over 45,814,000 Credits
  • It has a base Top Speed of 245 m/s
  • It has a starting Cargo Capacity of 82-tonnes
  • Its Shields reach 262 MJ

Invest enough in this ship, and you can get a build like this one:

  • 2B Seismic Charge Launcher and 1A Prospector Limpet Controller
  • 6E and 5E Cargo Racks, and 3A Collector Limpet Controller
  • 6C Shield Generator, 4D Refinery, and 5C Fuel Tank
  • 7A Power Plant, 4D Life Support, and 6A Sensors
  • Military Grade Composite, 6A Power Distributor, 6A Thrusters, and 5A Frame Ship Drive

Asp Explorer - A Mid-tier Ship That Excels At Deep Core Mining

Elite Dangerous: The Best Mining Ships (8)

The Asp Explorer is an extremely versatile ship that excels in a variety of roles, though it is most commonly known as an Explorer ship (hence the name). Its long jump range and large cockpit window guarantee its place in the hearts of space explorers, but its surprisingly large cargo capacity of 130 tonnes also makes it a capable freighter, and along with the other ships in this guide, a worthwhile mining ship.

In terms of hardpoints, the ship has four utility mounts, four small hardpoints, and two medium hardpoints. It's more than capable of kitting itself out with the necessary mining gear for deep core mining and can even equip various mounted weaponry to defend against pirates.

(Video) Elite Dangerous Platinum Mining 150m/Hour

The Asp Explorer has:

  • A top speed of 290 m/s with full upgrades
  • 130 tonnes of cargo capacity with max upgrades
  • An armor rating of 378
  • Two Class 2 hardpoints and four Class 1 hardpoints

A sample Asp mining build might look like this:

  • Lightweight Alloy, Power Plant, Thrusters, Frame Shift Drive, Life Support, Power Distributor, Sensors, Fuel Tank
  • Cargo Rack (5E = 32 tonnes)
  • Collector Limpet and Prospector Limpet controllers
  • Refinery, 3a Shield Generator
  • Class 2 Pulse Laser, Class 2 Mining Laser
  • Class 1 Mining Laser and Class 1 Pulse Laser
  • 2 x Missile Racks
  • Shield Booster, Chaff Launcher

The Python - A Mining Ship Upgrade

Elite Dangerous: The Best Mining Ships (9)

With all the ore you've just mined with the Cobra, it's time to start thinking about an upgrade. The Python is the next logical step. This multipurpose ship is a straight upgrade to the Cobra in many ways, including its defensive and offensive stats, cargo size, and extra hardpoints. It costs 55 million credits, so it's quite a jump from the Cobra. Here are some of the specifics:

  • The Python has a default cargo capacity of 82 tonnes, although it can reach close to 300 tonnes when maxed out
  • It sees a Top speed of 235 m/s as a default
  • There are 4 Utility Mounts, 2 Medium hardpoints, and 3 Large hardpoints

Core and Laser Mining with the Python

The basics are similar to the builds for the Cobra, although, due to the size of the Python, you can include a lot more of what you need. It's a good idea to specify your ship for each mining trip — so ditch the core gear if you are laser mining and vice versa. It's also important to balance cargo racks with overall speed and maneuverability – you're going to be a target for pirates. Here's a sample build:

  • Thrusters, Lightweight Alloy, Frame Shift Drive (the core internals of your ship, should be decently rated)
  • 2 x Cargo Rack, 3 Limpet Collectors, and a Fuel Scoop
  • Shield Generator – essential if you want to survive pirate attacks
  • Refinery, Detailed Surface Scanner, Prospector Limpet
  • 4 x Mining Laser (reduce to 2 if you find you're having power problems)

As an aside, the Python is ideal for speedy mining trips. Get in and out quickly and keep efficiency to a maximum. Give up extra cargo racks for faster jump time and quicker refueling speed.

Imperial Cutter - The Top-tier Mining Ship

Elite Dangerous: The Best Mining Ships (10)

The Imperial Cutter can provide optimal mining performance. It has the largest cargo capacity of any ship in the game currently, enough hardpoints and defenses to pack a punch against pirates, and is speedy enough to carry out several mining trips in quick succession. It's considered one of the best combat ships, although there are a lot of other ships to choose from. However, it also costs over 200 million credits, so it's typically used by experienced Elite Dangerous players. Here are some of the specifics:

  • The Cutter has a cargo capacity of 164 tonnes but can hit close to 800 if you max it out
  • Top speed of 202 m/s, plenty for navigating between asteroids
  • 8 Utility Mounts, 4 Medium hardpoints, 2 Large hardpoints, 1 Huge hardpoint

Core Mining and Laser Mining Build for the Cutter

The Cutter is suitable for both core and laser mining. It has plenty of available space for cargo fitting while also providing enough for weapons, making it capable of going toe-to-toe with pirates. Chuck in a Shield Generator, and you've got a very tanky ship that can mine freely, even with a full cargo hold. Here's a sample build:

  • Lightweight Alloy, Power Plant, Thrusters (and other general core internals of any ship)
  • 3 x Cargo Rack — one of the biggest benefits of a ship the size of the Cutter
  • Prismatic Shield Generator (top-tier shield for pirate combat)
  • 2 x Collector Limpet, Prospector Limpet Controller
  • Refinery and Detailed Surface Scanner

In terms of weaponry and shields, this is where the Cutter really excels. A recommended fit might be a Multi-Cannon, 2 x Beam Laser, and up to 3 Mining Lasers. You can also fit several Shield Boosters onboard.

In Summary:

Mining in Elite Dangerous is complex, very rewarding, and can provide a solid income of credits to progress through ships and upgrades. There are a lot of meta techniques to maximize profit, such as the types of ore and minerals that provide the most money, monitoring the market onboard Fleet carriers and stations to find best-selling prices, and even fitting out a ship as a pirate to take down other miners.

(Video) Mining Ship for New Players - Under 4 mil - No Engineering

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What's the best mining ship in Elite Dangerous? ›

Imperial Cutter - The Top-tier Mining Ship

The Imperial Cutter can provide optimal mining performance. It has the largest cargo capacity of any ship in the game currently, enough hardpoints and defenses to pack a punch against pirates, and is speedy enough to carry out several mining trips in quick succession.

What is the most profitable thing to mine in Elite Dangerous? ›

Laser mining is the simplest form of mining in elite and currently the most profitable way to mine.

Is the type 9 heavy good for mining? ›

Although generally lacking in offensive and defensive capabilities, the Type-9 is a bulky yet capable ship best suited for trading or mining.

What is the best mineral to mine in Elite Dangerous? ›

The most sought-after minerals in missions are painite, osmium and platinum.

Is the krait mk2 good for mining? ›

Both the AspX and the Krait mk2 are good ships for deep core mining.

Is the adder a good mining ship? ›

As a miner, the Adder is the best ship available at its price range and will do very well until the Cobra MkIII can be afforded. Its Class 2 hardpoint allows it to mount a Class 2 Mining Laser, and combined with two Class 1 Mining Lasers in the smaller hardpoints, it can achieve a very efficient mining speed.

What is the most expensive commodity elite dangerous? ›

Summary. With a Galactic Average price of 13,527 credits, Palladium is one of the most expensive commodities and also has one of the highest possible profit margins.

What is the most dangerous kind of mining? ›

Statistically, coal mining remains more dangerous than other kinds of mining, but only slightly. According to the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration, the rate of coal-mining deaths in the United States between 2001 and 2005 was 0.15 per million production hours.

Where is a good place to mine in elite dangerous? ›

Gcrv 375. When Mining there you have great visibility, there is almost no fog. I recommend mining at the double musgravite overlap. It is one of the favorite Mining spots from the YouTuber Hawkes gaming.

Is the type-7 a good mining ship? ›

The Type-7 is an adequate miner, perhaps as an intermediate step between an Adder, Cobra MkIII, or Viper MkIV and a Python, Anaconda, Type-9 Heavy, or Imperial Cutter.

How much cargo can a type 9 carry? ›

Summary. The Lakon Type-9 Heavy is the largest ship currently available in terms of cargo capacity, with 440 cargo units. It is the best ship for hauling freight from trade port to trade port, but because of its large size, it is very vulnerable to smaller ships.

What is the Keelback good for? ›

The Keelback has one role it shines in: mining. With its two medium hardpoints, large cargo space, fighter bay for protection and smaller size the Keelback is one of the best ships available for the job and is by far the cheapest ship that is extremely effective in the role.

Is mining good elite dangerous? ›

Mining is the number-one way to make money in Elite Dangerous. There is no other activity that comes close to the potential profits of a long mining session, so buckle up, get your mining lasers ready, and start blasting those asteroids.

Can you mine planets in elite dangerous? ›

To surface mine, outfit any ship of your choice with a Planetary Vehicle Hangar. Purchase an SRV and you are ready to go! An optional module that may come in use is the Detailed Surface Scanner. The DSS allows you to fire probes at planets and map them, which can show any geological, biological or xenological sites.

How do you mine tritium? ›

Just dive in, with a good armed miner ( a Conda for ex) AND for the extra frags you get from stones you will double the Tritium harvest. Rocks with 15-25% Tritium will get you 10-16 tones of Tritium - in under 1 minute.

How much does it cost to outfit a krait mk2? ›

How many CR would you keep to Outfit a Krait MK II?
shipcostmax cargo
Krait Mk II44.2 million230
Python57.0 million294
Fake Large (should be medium)
Type-717.5 million310
13 more rows
5 May 2021

How do you mine elite? ›

You need several things to start mining in Elite: Dangerous: A refinery and a mining laser. Once you obtain these, simply fly to an RES or asteroid belt and find some asteroids that you want to mine. Then, use the mining laser until chunks of rock fly off of the asteroid and pick it up with your cargo scoop.

Can the adder carry passengers? ›

The Adder, Because You've Got To Start Somewhere

It's cheap at less than 100,000 credits, has space for 10 economy-class passengers, and is suitable for short-range ferrying missions.

What ships can mine in Star Citizen? ›

Which spaceships and Vehicles can be used for Mining in Star Citizen? In Star Citizen Update 3.12 large resource deposits can be mined with the MISC Prospector and the Argo MOLE. On planets and moons you can also mine gems with the vehicle Greycat ROC.

What is the best thing to trade in elite dangerous? ›

Trade gold, silver, and palladium

The gold, silver, and palladium metals are among the most valuable non-rare commodities you can trade in Elite Dangerous: Horizons. Although they're also among the most expensive, gold, silver, and palladium have some of the biggest trading profit margins in the Elite universe.

Is trading profitable in elite dangerous? ›

Trading is one of the most lucrative professions in Elite Dangerous, providing you know how to get started. Shuffling cargo, transporting illegal items via smuggling, and data transport missions are great ways to get started, and missions are offered at pretty much every station you come across.

Where can I get Painite elite dangerous? ›

Painite is a rare Mineral Commodity that can be obtained by mining metallic or metal-rich Planetary Ring Systems, or by salvaging cargo canisters from certain signal sources.

What gas kills miners? ›

The main toxic gases in mines are carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2); the flammable gases are methane (CH4), CO, and hydrogen (H2); the suffocating gases are CO2, nitrogen (N20), and CH4; and the toxic gases are CO, nitrogen oxides (NOx), and hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

Is firedamp a gas? ›

Firedamp is a mining term for a set of explosive gases found in mines. It's mostly made up of methane and methane is often an interchangeable term when miners talk about firedamp. Methane (CH4) is a colourless, odourless, highly flammable, and highly explosive noxious gas.

What's the most dangerous Crystal? ›


It's also the deadliest. Cinnabar (otherwise known as mercury sulphide) is the single most toxic mineral known to man. Generally found in large quantities and in non-metallic crystals around the world, it has been a primary source for mercury since the earliest days of civilization.

How do I scan planet rings for hotspots elite dangerous? ›

Location. Locating a Hotspot first requires locating a Planetary Ring System using the Discovery Scanner and Full Spectrum System Scanner, then traveling to it in Supercruise. When close enough to the rings, the Detailed Surface Scanner can be activated to probe the rings.

How much is a Python Elite Dangerous? ›

Cost:56,978,179 Cr
Top Speed*:250 m/s
Boost Speed*:280 m/s
14 more rows

Where can I mine Musgravite? ›

Musgravite is a rare Mineral Commodity that can be mined from Hotspots in rocky Planetary Ring Systems.

How much can the type 7 carry? ›

Just the basic configuration can carry 96 tons of cargo – with a couple of upgrades and tweaks, you can easily hit around 200 tons of cargo space while maintaining your (nominal C4) shields.

How much is the type 7? ›

Type-7 Transporter
Manufacturer:Lakon Spaceways
Cost:17,472,252 Cr
Top Speed*:180 m/s
14 more rows

How much cargo can an anaconda hold? ›

Ship Specifications
Ship Mass1,066 tons
Cargo Capacity114 tons
Fuel Capacity32 tons
Jump Range (Unladen)9.40 Ly
Jump Range (Laden)8.52 Ly
2 more rows

How much is the federal Corvette? ›

4/9 Federal Corvette - 187,969,450 CR

Still, the potential to still use it as a freighter with massive combat capability makes it tempting to do the work to get one. Not to mention its battle capabilities make it one of the best large ships for PVP battles.

Is the dolphin a good ship? ›

It is not as good for bulk missions as it has low compartment space. Overall, the Dolphin is a stylish exploration ship, the most efficient choice for transporting luxury VIP passengers, and a reasonable alternative to the trade focused Type-6 Transporter, but any combat activities should be avoided.

What ships can have a fighter Bay? ›

Ships that can equip a Fighter Hangar include:
  • Alliance Crusader (Class 5-6)
  • Anaconda (Class 5-7)
  • Beluga Liner (Class 5-6)
  • Federal Corvette (Class 5-7)
  • Federal Gunship (Class 5-6)
  • Imperial Cutter (Class 5-7)
  • Keelback (Class 5)
  • Krait MkII (Class 5-6)

Is the ASP scout any good? ›

In combat, the Scout is rather poor. It has awful shields and armour for its price range and its hardpoints are not very good; even the Cobra MkIII boasts comparable stats. The upside the ship has is its manoeuvrability, at an impressive 5 it can evade fire very easily and keep fixed mounts on targets easily.

What is core mining? ›

Mining Core (MCC) is a platform created via a unique technology that can partake in tokens backed by a diverse and professionally handled portfolio. As per the whitepaper, the platform's vision is to deliver profits to investors by extending Mining Core into a large-scale portfolio.

What do Prospector limpets do? ›

The Prospector Limpet Controller is a type of Limpet Controller module that can program limpets to scan asteroids and determine their composition.

Where can I mine platinum in elite dangerous? ›

Platinum is a Metal Commodity. It can only be obtained by mining it from asteroids in Metallic Planetary Ring Systems.

How do you mine Scarab? ›

Elite Dangerous SRV - Mining planets (a quick guide) - YouTube

How do you mine asteroids? ›

Miners on asteroids would use techniques similar to those used on Earth. The most likely method would be to scrape desired material off the asteroid, and tunnel into veins of specific substances. Scraping, or strip mining, will pull out valuable ore that will float off the asteroid.

How do you mine Bromellite elite dangerous? ›

Bromellite is a Mineral Commodity that can be mined from metal rich or icy Planetary Ring Systems. It can be found as deep-core deposits in icy rings.

How much is tritium worth? ›

At $30,000 per gram, it's almost as precious as a diamond, but for fusion researchers the price is worth paying. When tritium is combined at high temperatures with its sibling deuterium, the two gases can burn like the Sun.

Where can I find tritium Ed? ›

It can be purchased from Starports with a Refinery economy, or mined from surface and sub-surface deposits on icy asteroids.

Where is tritium in no man's sky? ›

Abundant in interstellar asteroid fields, Tritium can be mined from asteroids using starship weaponry.

Is the Keelback worth it? ›

Overall the Keelback is an adequate multipurpose ship, equally capable of exploration, combat, and trading, but mining is where it capitalizes on its abilities. Compared to similar ships such as the Asp Scout, the Keelback generally does a much better job, but has a much lower jump range.

What is the krait Phantom good for? ›

In a press release announcing the ship's debut, Faulcon DeLacy stated, "The Krait Phantom offers true multi-role capability, allowing it to be customised for combat, mining or trading. And for explorers, its impressive jump range means you really can reach out to the stars. This is a ship that can handle it all."

What ship has the most cargo space elite dangerous? ›

The Imperial Cutter comes in at over 200 million credits to purchase but has the cargo space for a max of 794 tons. That's a lot of cargo. In fact, that's the largest cargo hold of any ship in the game. Only just, mind.

What does C mean Elite Dangerous? ›

In supercruise, speeds are typically measured in multiples of the speed of light, represented as c or in megameters per second, represented as Mm/s (1c = 300Mm/s). A ship that is traveling at 1c is therefore traveling at the speed of light.

Is the Anaconda the best ship in Elite Dangerous? ›

Statistically speaking, the Anaconda is the single best exploration ship in the game. With a staggering jump range of 41.45 LY before Engineering, it can easily jump massive distances.

Is Python a good combat ship? ›

In combat scenarios, the Python is more than capable of putting down most other ships. With 5 hardpoints and good placement even larger ships like Anacondas and Imperial Cutters must operate with caution in a fight against a Python.

Is the dolphin a good ship? ›

It is not as good for bulk missions as it has low compartment space. Overall, the Dolphin is a stylish exploration ship, the most efficient choice for transporting luxury VIP passengers, and a reasonable alternative to the trade focused Type-6 Transporter, but any combat activities should be avoided.

Is the ASP scout any good? ›

In combat, the Scout is rather poor. It has awful shields and armour for its price range and its hardpoints are not very good; even the Cobra MkIII boasts comparable stats. The upside the ship has is its manoeuvrability, at an impressive 5 it can evade fire very easily and keep fixed mounts on targets easily.

What ships can have a fighter Bay? ›

Ships that can equip a Fighter Hangar include:
  • Alliance Crusader (Class 5-6)
  • Anaconda (Class 5-7)
  • Beluga Liner (Class 5-6)
  • Federal Corvette (Class 5-7)
  • Federal Gunship (Class 5-6)
  • Imperial Cutter (Class 5-7)
  • Keelback (Class 5)
  • Krait MkII (Class 5-6)

Which is better krait mk2 or krait Phantom? ›

The MKII has the firepower advantage, with the Phantom losing a large hard-point and SLF capability. For combat purposes, the MKII appears to be the better choice. Quite simply, it can deliver more pain to the enemy.

What is the max jump range on a krait mk2? ›

The jump-range can reach up-to 26ly, or 40ly after mods.

How far can a krait Phantom jump? ›

Description: A Krait Phantom build with 65 Ly jump range made for exploration. This ship is already fitted with most scanners and equipment you will need out in the black, and there is even plenty of room in the build to add you own modules in case your want more optional modules like limpets.

How many ships can you own Elite Dangerous? ›

Yes, there is no limit to the amount of ships you can own, but you can only fly one at a time.

How much cargo can a Type 7 carry? ›

And seeing as you can easily refit a Type-7 to carry 200 tons of cargo at once – your frameshift range can become very restricted indeed, unless you know what you're doing.

How much is a Type 9? ›

Lakon Type-9 Heavy
Cost:76,555,842 Cr
Top Speed*:130 m/s
Boost Speed*:200 m/s
14 more rows


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