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"Some Enchanted Evening" is the thirteenth and final episode of Season 1. Although the episode was the first produced of Season 1 and the series, with its production code being 7G01 as opposed to later codes such as 7G08 from the first episode "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire", production was delayed and overhauled after a workprint had been poorly received and covered 70% of the episode. This share of the episode had to be remade and rewritten, while airing "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" for it being a Christmas special, having to air it in Christmas 1989 and becoming the first episode during this hiatus, the first episode in broadcasting order and the first episode of the series instead. Penny Marshall guest stars as Lucille Botzcowski.


Spongebob and Hannah go out together, after hannah feels spongebobtakes her for granted. The couple face a slight dilemma when they realize they have no one to look after their kids, so they hire a babysitter named Miss Botz. Matters seem to be going well, until Spongebob jr and valerie find out something shocking about their babysitter.

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On a Friday morning, the Spongeson family are eating breakfast together. vaelerie and spongebob jrhave a tug-of-war over a donut, causing the box to rip open, and Spongebob(who eats the donut, much to their disapproval) is reading the newspaper. After Spongebob jr and valerie leave for school, spongebob leaves for work at the power plant without noticing and saying goodbye to hannah. hanah and thebaby are then left alone at home while listening to Fishnewsman on the radio. Not long later, a commercial comes on the radio, which wants Hannah to call Dr. Martin Mackarel on-the-air therapy if she has problems with life. She does so, and tells mackarel that she is tired of spongebob.

At work, spongebob hears hannah talking about him on the phone, which other power plant employees also hear, and they laugh at it. Spongebob, who is embarrassed about hearing Marge over the radio, later goes to Krabs Tavern instead of home that night, where he asks Mr Krabs for advice. mr krabs tells Homer that he should take her to a fancy restaurant, spend one night at a hotel, and buy her some flowers. Back at home, as a furious Hannah impatiently waits for him to come home and tell him off, The kids wisely keep their distance from her. At the florist's, Howard's Flowers, Homer buys a single rose, as the flowers are very expensive. spongebobarrives home with the wilted rose and a box of chocolates and tells hannah that he loves her. Marge's complexion softens and tells Homer that she loves him and apologizes for taking him for granted. Homer forgives Marge and chooses to take her out to where Moe suggested.

Meanwhile, sponge jr has made various prank calls to KrabsTavern. However, his folks are faced with a problem when they realize that their kids have no one to watch over them. To find a babysitter, hannahpicks up the phone, and is surprised that Mr krabs is still yapping at Sponge Jr for the "Oliver Clozoff" prank and hangs up, assuming that it was a crossed wire. She picks it up again and calls the Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers Babysitting Service. However, the receptionist immediately freaks out, telling her that she must be kidding when Hannah identifies herself as Mrs. Squarepants . She quickly refuses their services to the Squarepants children due to their bad reputation with the babysitting service for a long time, which resulted in the Simpsons being blacklisted from being babysat by them. Not giving up in the slightest, spongeobthen calls under the alias "Spongebob Sandson", and hires a rather rude babysitter named Miss Botz.

When Miss Botz arrives (with two suspicious looking suitcases nonetheless), Marge (who's already pampered up for her night with Homer, who's also pampered up) tells her that Maggie has to go to sleep immediately, but Bart and Lisa can stay up for an hour longer and watch The Happy Little Elves Meet the Curious Bear Cub (much to Bart's horror and hatred of the elves). When Bart tries to suggest alternate viewing in order to avoid watching the elves, Miss Botz quickly puts him in his place by mentioning that she dealt with troublesome children like him before and makes him watch the video with Lisa while she puts Maggie to bed. After a while, Bart starts to get sick of the elves, so he plans to switch to "America's Most Armed and Dangerous", where the host is talking to the audience about the notorious "Babysitter Bandit", whose real name is Lucille Botzcowski. The host also warns the viewers that she might be using a clever alias. He then shows a mugshot of the criminal on TV, who looks just like Miss Botz.

Later, as if on cue, Miss Botz, who really is the Babysitter Bandit, comes into the room, which scares Bart and Lisa as they scream and run out of the room to hide. Bart hides in the basement, while Lisa goes into the kitchen and tries to call "1-800-U-SQUEAL" on the phone. When Miss Botz tries to look for Bart in the basement, he tries to knock her out with Marge's bowling ball, but to no avail as Bart drops onto the floor and Miss Botz notices him, thus getting caught by her. In the kitchen, Lisa reports over the phone about Miss Botz, but Miss Botz is behind her, pulling her in with a rope. Lisa notices this, but just as when she is in the middle of reporting about the bandit, Miss Botz captures Lisa.

Back in the living room, Miss Botz puts Bart and Lisa on the couch and ties them up. Bart keeps on talking and moaning that she won't get away with it, making Miss Botz tape Bart's mouth up, thus being gagged and can't talk. Miss Botz then turns on the Happy Little Elves video again for them, which bothers Bart a lot more as he makes noises from underneath the tape. Eventually, a smug Lisa tells him to shut up and make the best of the situation. Meanwhile, Homer and Marge are enjoying a fancy dinner at Chez Paree, having lobsters. Once done with their meal, they go to the Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn, where Marge has some time together with Homer in their hotel room.

Back at the house, Maggie wakes up and goes downstairs to find her siblings tied up, just as The Happy Little Elves video ends. Bart has finally had it with the elves, so he pounds his head on the couch in anger. Lisa tells Maggie that she will be able to watch the video again if she unties her. Maggie complies, saving the day once more.

The kids then decide to plan a strategy to kidnap Miss Botz. Maggie goes up the stairs and is nearby her parents' room, where Lucille Botzcowski is robbing their closet. Botzcowski, tired of the incompetent and bothersome Simpson children, follows Maggie's pacifier sucking sounds and into Bart's room with the lights off, where she is hit on the head by Bart, wielding a baseball bat. It turns out that Bart was also using Maggie's pacifier to accomplish the deed. Meanwhile, Marge discovers that there is no answer at home due to Miss Botz disabling all of the phones in the home. Back at home, with no way to call about the bandit from their home, Bart, Lisa and Maggie rush outside to a local pay phone and alert the authorities, but not before tying Lucille Botzcowski up and gagging her, and then forcing her to watch The Happy Little Elves video.

Marge and Homer arrive home, still worried about not getting an answer. Eventually, they find Lucille Botzcowski bound and gagged, and after they ungag her, she begs them to turn off the tape and warns Homer not to take his eyes off of Bart for a second. They then send her home with all of her suitcases (in which the stolen items are contained, which Homer and Marge didn't notice), plus three times her regular pay. The police then arrive along with the media, but as Bart tries to lead them to the living room, Homer grabs Bart by the shirt and berates him for his behavior towards Miss Botz. However, Homer's cut off by a reporter who asks him if he's saying that he unwittingly aided the escape of the Babysitter Bandit. Realizing his mistake, a humiliated Homer tries to save face by claiming that he fought Miss Botz before she escaped, much to the children's dismay.

Later, spongebob and hannah are in bed, where spongeobis watching himself looking foolish on television, so he turns it off while lamenting about being branded a, "boob" by the entire community, remarking that he just isn't that bright. hannah says that she loves him the way he is, and that if he has three children who managed to capture a criminal by themselves, he must be doing something right. She then kisses spongebob as she turns the lamp off for bedtime.

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