The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Chapter 6: Lanaryu Desert Walkthrough – SAMURAI GAMERS (2022)

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A walkthrough and guide for Chapter 6: Lanaryu Desert in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. Included are all obtainable items and locations, obtainable equipment, and enemy and boss strategies

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  • Chapter 6: Lanayru Desert Walkthrough
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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Chapter 6: Lanaryu Desert Walkthrough – SAMURAI GAMERS (1)

Chapter 6: Lanayru Desert in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Here is our The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD main story walkthrough and strategy guide for Chapter 6: Lanayru Desert. This includes a list of enemies encountered and obtainable items.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Walkthroughs

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Obtainable Items

Here is a list of items obtainable in this walkthrough:

Small Seed Satchel x1Skyloft (Goddess Chest #4)
Silver Rupee x1Skyloft (Goddess Chest #5)
Gold Rupee x1Skyloft (Goddess Chest #7)
Treasure Medal x1Skyloft (Goddess Chest #8)
Red Rupee x2Lanayru Mine
Ancient Flower x2Lanayru Mine
Tumbledweed x1Lanayru Desert
Hook Beetle x1Lanayru Desert
Ancient Flower x3Temple of Time
Gerudo Dragonflies x2Temple of Time
Eldin Ore x1Mining Facility Entrance
Piece of Heart x1Mining Facility Entrance


Here is a list of enemies encountered in this walkthrough:

Yellow ChuChuLanayru Mine
Electro SpumeLanayru Mine
Quadro BabaLanayru Mine
AmpilusLanayru Desert
TechnoblinLanayru Desert
Deku BabaTemple of Time
Octorok (Rock)Temple of Time
HrokLanayru Mining Facility Entrance
Ampilus EggLanayru Mining Facility Entrance


Here is a list of boss enemies encountered in this walkthrough:



Here is a breakdown of Link’s progress before going through each location in this walkthrough:

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Skyloft (All Locations)

Life PointsPiece of HeartsGoddess CubesGoddess ChestsGratitude CrystalsMedals
8 Hearts6/249/277/2725/800/10

Lanayru Mine (All Locations)

Life PointsPiece of HeartsGoddess CubesGoddess ChestsGratitude CrystalsMedals
10 Hearts6/249/277/2725/802/10

Return to Skyloft (All Locations)

Life PointsPiece of HeartsGoddess CubesGoddess ChestsGratitude CrystalsMedals
10 Hearts6/2412/277/2725/802/10

Chapter 6: Lanayru Desert Walkthrough

Skyloft – Statue of the Goddess

1Return to Skyloft and head to the Goddess Statue.
2Place the Ambert Tablet and it will unlock the next location to be visited, the Lanayru Desert.
3New Goddess Treasure Chests are available to open up. Out of the 6 Goddess Chests discovered in Eldin Volcano, only 4 can be reached by now.
All Goddess Chest Locations

The Sky – 4 Goddess Chests

1Head to the southwest area of The Sky to find theGoddess Chest #4(Small Seed Satchel x1).
2Go to the far northeast area, east of the Bamboo Island to find the Goddes Chest #5 (Silver Rupee x1).
3Transfer to Bamboo Island, the northern part of The Sky to locate the Goddes Chest #7 (Gold Rupee x1).
4Move to the eastern section of the northeast part of The Sky. Reach the highest level of the island and climb down using the vines. Find the Goddess Chest #8 (Treasure Medal x1) close to a gated area.

Skyloft – Rupin’s Gear Shop

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Chapter 6: Lanaryu Desert Walkthrough – SAMURAI GAMERS (2)

1Return to the Bazaar and buy new items.
Rupin’s Gear Shop
2Head to the Gear Shop and buy a Small Bomb Bag (for 100 Rupees).

Skyloft – Beedle’s Air Shop

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Chapter 6: Lanaryu Desert Walkthrough – SAMURAI GAMERS (3)

1Head to Beedle’s Air Shop.
Beedle’s Air Shop
2Buy a Life Medal (for 800 Rupees), Extra Wallet (for 1,000 Rupees), and Adventure Pouch Slot (for 600 Rupees).
3After that, summon your Loftwing and head to Lanayru Mine.

Lanayru Desert – Mine

1When you arrive, jump off the ledge and approach the nearby structure. Look behind and see a Goddess Cube #10.
All Goddess Cube Locations
2After that, run straight ahead to the mine. Defeat enemies and reach the end of the road.
3See a mine cart blocking your way. Grab and push it all the way until it falls to the tracks below.
4Jump down and do a put the mine cart against the opposite wall. This will make you climb up to that side.
5In the next area, defeat new enemies such as Yellow Chuchu. Strike them only when their charge has gone away.
6Go further and find a room with a strange item called Timeshift Stone. Hit it with your sword and it will turn this location of the mine back in time.
7You will see new races called Ancient Robots. Head to the nearby mine card and move along the track.
8Enter the next room and examine a chest (Red Rupee x1). Then, jump back and return to the previous room.
9In the room where you started, drag your mine cart within the range of the timeshift stone area. Ride it to the next room.
10Acquire the item (Ancient Flower x1) in this room and see the structure blocking your way.
11Throw a bomb and make it land in the holder carefully. Once it falls, enter and defeat enemies.
12Dash across the quicksand and reach the platform to the left. Knock away the structures using bombs. Look behind the first structure and see another chest (Red Rupee x1).
13See Lanayru Ants and capture them using Link’s Bug Net. Follow the path and dash from one platform to another to reach an open room.
14New enemies such as Electro Spume will come out. Use bombs to defeat them and use your Wooden Shield to block them.
15Reach the north platform by running through the platforms. Blow up the boulder and go left. Use bombs and roll them over the sand to cross the west pathway. Hit another timeshift stone to send this area to the past.
16Defeat a Quadro Baba that will appear from the ceiling. Simply toss a bomb and make the enemy eat it or use a beetle to cut down its stem.
17Proceed to the other pathway and catch a new bug called Gerudo Dragonfly. Head further down and find a chest containing random treasures.
18Drop down and reach the north end of the room. Push a mine cart to reach the timeshift stone. Hop on the cart and ride it towards the north door. You will be in a new area called Lanayru Desert.

Lanayru Desert – Main Region

1SAVE your current game through the bird statue. While in the desert, blow up two boulders with bombs.
2A timeshift stone will appear and hit it to change your area. Climb up using the vines that appeared and get an item (Ancient Flower x1).
3Run down through the ramp and jump off the ledge. Use a Bug Net to capture a treasure (Tumbleweed x2).
4Continue going and defeat a new enemy called Ampilus. Currently, they are hard to defeat since they form into large electronic balls and spin towards a target.
5See a chest on a higher platform and reach it by running up the ramp on the left.
6Find a large metallic box and jump on top of it to see another box next to it. This box has a hole so throw a bomb through the hole to blow it up.
7A timeshift stone will be revealed so throw another bomb to send Link back to the past.
8Technoblins are new enemies that will show up. They shock enemies with electricity so use a Wooden Shield to deflect their shock attacks. Then, hit them when they are open from their right side for an attack.
9A gate will open up once you defeated these enemies. Speak to the robot and acquire a reward (Hook Beetle x1).
10Aim carefully to a nearby bomb on the top of a dead tree and grab it. Land this bomb on a bomb holder to make it fall down. Some rupees will come out behind two areas.
11Ger across this area and see a sand region. Send out a beetle to grab onto a nearby bomb and drop it on the top of the Ampilus. Reach the top of the shell of the Ampilus afterwards.
12Reach the safe area in the middle and find Goddess Cube #11. Head west and find a bird statue to SAVE your current game. See a ledge and use it to climb up. Go around the area and see a mine cart at the end.
13Send another beetle and bomb to the Ampilus to create a landing spot first. Then, jump on the mine cart and ride it eastward. Head from one platform to another and exit this sandy region.
14Enter the cave and see a new area called the Temple of Time.

Lanayru Desert – Temple of Time

1Head to the bird statue to SAVE. Then, get close to the mine cart you used and look around for a pillar having a timeshift stone.
2Hit it with a beetle and defeat enemies. Acquire an item (Ancient Flower x1). Also, capture Gerudo Dragonflies around.
3Ride the mine cart again to see another mine cart not yet activated. Use the beetle and grab the bomb from a nearby cactus. Move the bomb over the structure blocking the pathway of the new mine cart. Drop it into a hole and it will hit a timeshift stone.
4Send another beetle into a tunnel to find a Deku Baba and a diamond switch on your left.
5Hit the switch to open the gate gran another item (Ancient Flower x1) on your right. Run ahead and see an Octorok, but a rock variety. Deflect their rocks with a shield bash or do a sword slash.
6Speak to Gorko and go to the north end of the area. Use a beetle and grab a bomb. Make it drop on a boulder located on the second pillar. This will unveil a timeshift stone and so use another beetle to make it work.
7Speak to a robot to get information. Revert the time back to the present by using a beetle. Pick up an item (Ancient Flower x1) and push the mine cart to an activated region to ride across a new pathway.
8See the Goddess Cube #12 and hit it while riding on the mine cart.
9Hit another timeshift stone on a higher pillar to your right. Continue moving and see new items (Ancient Flower x1) and some Gerudo Dragonflies.
10Enter the tunnel that will get you back to Lanayru Desert.

Lanayru Desert – Mining Facility Entrance

1Avoid new enemies such as Hrok that will fly over and drop rocks.
2Check your map and Fi will point out gray areas that you can stand on.
3Reach the marked area on the map and see the entrance of the Mining Facility.
4Hit a timeshift stone covered by two boulders. Blow up the boulders and use the stone to activate the temple.
5Speak to a robot and learn that you need to activate three power generators to access this dungeon. Use your dowsing ability to reach these generators.
6The first power generator is located southwest. It is behind the bomb holding structure when you use the dowsing mechanic. Toss a bomb to reveal it.
7The first generator is inactive so hit a timeshift stone hidden inside a crack in the wall outside. Enter the generator and stick your sword. Turn the dial ot the left and press it in.
8The second power generator is located rectangular structure in the north. Repeat the same procedure and look for a crack against the wall.
9After it blows up, throw another bomb to break the boulder at the center of the room. It will reveal a timeshift stone for you to activate.
10New enemies called Ampilus Egg will come out. Use your hook beetle to grab these eggs over the orange platform of an electric device near the north end of the room.
11Step on the orange part and a small gate will open. Hit the eggs with the sword to make them fit into the small hole and charge the device to open the gate. Run and activate the second power generator.
12Use a beetle and send it to hit the timeshift stone. See a chest and that contains various treasures. Exit the building afterwards.
13Go to the southeast corner to find the third and final power generator. Head to the rectangular building. Pull the lever and SAVE through the bird statue.
14Blow up the boulder since the timeshift stone is found there. Ignore the stone and go northwest to stand over a platform.
15Climb the platforms find a treasure chest (Eldin Ore x1). Push the block down one level to access another party of the room. Hit the timeshift stone with a beetle.
16Use another beetle to bring the Ampilus Egg to the north end of the room. Step on the orange tile and hit the egg to make the device work. Go to the next room and activate the last generator.
17Leave and head to the main power generator. Turn the dial left and insert the first layer. Turn it bottom right and push the second layer. Turn the dial to the point of making it straight up and inser the last layout.
18Before entering, go to the northeast part of the map that is not explored yet. Head there and look for a crack wall that you can destroy. It will reveal a new passage leading to the chest (Piece of Heart x1).
All Heart Piece Locations
19Before we enter the facility, return to the Sky and pick up new Goddess Chests and supplies.

The Sky – 3 Goddess Chests

1Go to the lower part of the northeast island and blow up a boulder to find the Goddess Chest #10(Silver Rupee x1).
2Go southeast of the entrance to Lanayru region. The outside part of this island contains Goddes Chest #11 (Heart Medal x1).
3Transfer to Beedle’s island which is at the northeast part of the map. Land on top of the large structure to locate the Goddes Chest #12 (Piece of Heart x1).
4Head to Faron Woods to find the Goddess Chest #9 (Piece of Heart x1). Once you can swim, jump into the main river of Skyloft and you’ll find an underwater passageway at the base of the windmill. Follow this passageway and you’ll reach the small pond within the storage shed, with the treasure chest located nearby.
All Goddess Chest Locations

Skyloft – Gondo’s Scrap Shop

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Chapter 6: Lanaryu Desert Walkthrough – SAMURAI GAMERS (4)

1Enter the bazaar and reach the scrap shop.
Gondo’s Scrap Shop
2Upgrade your Banded Shield into a Braced Shield. The upgrade requires items such as Amber Relic x3, Monster Claw x2, Tumbleweeds x2, and Ornamental Skull x1.
All Equipment and Item Upgrades
3Feel free to visit other shops if you want like Beedle’s Air Shop.
4Leave Skyloft and transfer Lanayru Mining Facility. Before you enter, you can sit on a stool beside the power generator to replenish your hearts.
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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Chapter 6: Lanaryu Desert Walkthrough – SAMURAI GAMERS (5)

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Main Story Walkthroughs

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How do you complete the Lanayru Desert? ›

Video Guide - Lanayru Desert

Save at the Bird Statue in the southern corner of the desert. The rocks around the mine cart track hold a Timeshift Stone. Activate the stone to create some vines on the eastern wall. Climb the vines to find an Ancient Flower.

How do I open the gate in Lanayru Desert? ›

Stand on the switch in front of the socket and hit the Ampilus with your sword to knock it into the hole. That'll open the gate. Continue to the room at the north and ignore the LD robot. Jam your sword forward into the device, and then turn it counterclockwise to activate Power Generator 1.

How do you set dials in Lanayru Desert? ›

Use a bomb to open the third doorway, activate the crystal and then head in to the switch. Jab forward to insert your sword like a key and turn it to the left. Jab again to push it in and that will give you the flame dial.

How do you get the box in Lanayru Desert? ›

Climb the boxes on the west wall of the warehouse and push the smaller box down. Once across the path you can climb the boxes along the west wall to get to a Blue Chest with an Eldin Ore inside. Afterwards you can push down the nearby iron box.

This area comes just after Lanayru Mine, where you get a quick introduction to Timeshift Stones and the other mechanics you will have to adjust to in order to complete the Lanayru area of the game.. There is a rock on top of one cage which is covering a hole - throw a bomb into that hole to uncover a timeshift stone, and then another to activate it.. You can test out your Hook Beetle here - near the robot is a pool of sand, and two stone doors which you can bomb - you've seen these already in the Lanayru Mine.. You can use the Hook Beetle to grab a bomb flower from on top of the tree, and then use the triggers to drop the bomb into the cups and make a path across the quicksand.. You can activate the timeshift stones you can see around the area with your Slingshot or Hook Beetle - just watch for the enemies that might pop up as you fight.. Once you've hit a nearby timeshift stone - on top of the stone pillar - it'll activate the minecart, and you'll be able to ride it over to the next small island.. On this next island use the Hook Beetle to grab a bomb from the top of the tree, and then the timeshift stone you need to use is located inside the hollowed tree on the left.. The timeshift stone you can see on the side of the cliff isn't good for this moment, instead you need to use the Hook Beetle to blow the rocks on top of the stone pillars here, and unveil a timeshift stone.. Blow the wall to uncover a timeshift stone, and then use the Water Power Node Dial behind the second door.. The final Power Node is actually quite close to where you originally entered the desert, just hidden behind a wall, but you'll need to approach from the North to get there, and therefore you should go from the Electric Power Node location.. Head to the left as you exit that mini dungeon, and use your map to cross the desert - there's also a bombable wall to the far left which has a Heart Piece inside, so watch for that.. Once over you can push down a block as a shortcut, and activate the timeshift stone - this is, again, hidden within a bombable rock, near where you have to mount a snail shell to cross.. Head back over to the main Power Generator, and hit the timeshift stone to turn it on.. If you look at the map you'll be able to see that the layout of Lanayru Desert's walls are shaped a bit like a clock, and the three power nodes we activated are placed at set "times."

Image: Nintendo via Polygon Throughout the Lanayru area, you’ll find Bomb Flowers — you’ll use a lot to make progress, but you’ll also need them to blow up the piles of rocks you see everywhere.. Image: Nintendo via Polygon There are four more statues along the walls.. Image: Nintendo via Polygon Look for a bomb on top of the cactus next to you.. Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Nintendo via Polygon Facing east along the track, hit the Timeshift Stone on top of the tunnel.. Image: Nintendo via Polygon Hop in the cart and set off.

In this guide we'll be completing Nayru's Silent Realm, making our way through the Lanayru Caves you couldn't reach before, and making our way through the vast Sand Sea so we can uncover the next dungeon, the Sandship.. Speak with Golo and he'll be nice enough to supply you with a Small Key, which you can use to open the door in this room which leads to Lanayru Sand Sea - just use the Clawshots to get up to the door.. Now we've finally made it to the Sand Sea, which is exactly what it sounds like - large sea made entirely of sand, though it was a sea made of water once.. Use your Clawshots on the pillars to make your way down to the dock, and at the end of the dock you can strike the timeshift stone on the boat to spring the area to life.. The pier where you can dock will be marked on your map with an X, to the Southwest of your location - head straight there, and you'll see the timeshift stone on the small boat can transform the sand back to water as you sail.. Beat the enemies, and use the floating plant as an anchor point for your Clawshots before climbing the next pillar.. Your view of Lanayru Sand Sea will greatly expand, and you'll see a brand new area you can visit to dock at - the Shipyard.

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Nintendo via Polygon On the left side of the room, bomb the two statues to knock them down, and then clear out all the enemies.. Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Nintendo via Polygon Inside, turn left and follow the path to the deactivated conveyor belt.. Image: Nintendo via Polygon Turn right.. Drop back down the ladder.. Image: Nintendo via Polygon Jump north.. This gives you a way back up without having to climb the first ladder.. Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Nintendo via Polygon Use the platforms to head west, south, and then north until you reach the southeast corner of the room — the one with the giant pile of sand.. Image: Nintendo via Polygon Step on the switch to open the gate blocking the door out.. Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Nintendo via Polygon Clear the sand after you step through the door, and activate the Timeshift Stone in the mine cart you expose.. Image: Nintendo via Polygon Follow along on the left.. Image: Nintendo via Polygon In the northeast corner of the room, climb onto the platform.. Ride the platform back to the north and head through the door you just opened.

You can use this bomb with your Hook Beetle to pick them up and take out the nearby enemies and doors in the sand - then, cross the sands and activate the switch on the left side to open up the main door - the right side switch grants access to a small chest.. At the top of the ladder use the Gust Bellows to blow away the sand, and you'll be back in the first large chamber room.. Cross the first gap, and then open the gated door by blowing at the fan above the door.. Climb the next ladder here, use the fan to the left of the door to open the gate, and head on through.. Head over the bridge to the left to blow sand off of another minecart and jab it again to get moving.. Use the platform on the other side of the room now, and again bomb the cup doors to unveil switches.

ItemLocationDusk RelicsLanayru Sand Desert (Silent Realm)Clawshots x1Lanayru Sand Desert (Silent Realm)Dusk Relic x1Lanayru Sand DesertHeart Piece x1Lanayru Sand DesertGold Rupee x1Island North of SkyloftHeart Medal x1Island West of Beedle IslandLife Medal x1Island Northwest of Fun Fun IslandHeart Piece x1Skyloft (Zelda’s Room)Giant Wallet x1Skyloft (Batreaux after delivering 50 Gratitude Crystals)Evil Crystal x1Lanayru CavesMonster Horn x1Lanayru CavesSmall Key x1Lanayru CavesAncient Sea ChartSkipper’s RetreatSilver Rupee x1Pirate StrongholdAncient FlowersPirate StrongholdMonster Horn x1Pirate Stronghold Here is a list of enemies encountered in this walkthrough:. Feel free to use dowsing if you have trouble finding it.5Play Nayru’s Wisdom and thrust your sword on the ground.6Enter the Silent Realm.7As with previous Silent Realm runs, you will need to collect 15 Tears of Nayru around the area.8Try to avoid the quicksand on the ground and use the Light Fruit to help you find the remaining tears in the area.9Dusk Relics can also be collected around the Silent Realm so try to get as many as you can during the run.10After collecting all of the tears, you will get Clawshots x1 that act as a sort of grappling hook.. Then, latch onto the Clawshot targets which will lead you to a Goddess Cube.4To the southwest of the Lanayru Mining Facility is another Goddess Cube up on a ledge you can reach using the Clawshot.5Feel free to travel to Floria Waterfall to find another Clawshots latch point to find another Goddess Cube there.6From here, travel to small island north of the Skyloft waterfall.. The Goddess Chest there contains a Gold Rupee.7Head west from Beedle Island to find another island where a Goddess Chest can be found.. Check above the shop’s propellers to find the crystal and use the Beetle to reach it.6Visit Batreaux at his house to get Giant Wallet x1 for collecting 50 Gratitude Crystals.7Travel to the Lanayru Desert (West Desert Bird Statue) to reach Lanayru Caves.. 1When you arrive at the West Desert, head for the location marked with “?” on the map.2Use your Clawshots to reach the caves.3Move forward toward the butterflies and play the harp to find the Gossip Stone while getting an Evil Crystal as well.4The treasure chest nearby contains Monster Horn x1 so open it as well.5To open the door to the west, talk to Golo the Goron.. 1Move up the series of pillars using the Clawshots.2When you arrive at the western section of the area, go north and Clawshot on the latch point above the boxes.3Go inside the cave and take out the Aracaha in the room.. Then, follow the path on the right and take out the Electro Spumes using bombs.2Go up the upper pillar using the Clawshots and take out the enemies there.3Move north and Clawshot above over the Peahat.. Clawshot your way until you reach the Skipper’s room.14Head left after clearing the dust in the room to find a chest that has Ancient Sea Chart x1.. Afterwards, pick up the orb again to the next room with a treasure chest ahead.8Before approaching the chest, drop the orb so that the electrical spark that will block your way does not activate.. Jump up and pull it to open the gate.13Grab the orb again and follow the opened path.14In the next room are some Deku Babas and a treasure chest at the corner.. Approach the chest just a few steps forward and drop it so that the pillars that will block your path to the chest do not activate.15Grab Evil Crystal from the chest and pick up the orb again to the next room.16When you come to the three Deku Babas, roll a bomb toward one of them to make it eat it.. Head back and grab the orb again and go through the opened gate.24The chest in the room has a Monster Horn x1 so open it after entering.. Move through the door afterwards and Clawshot up the latch point above the door.26Move through the latch points to reach a Goddess Cube.27Head back to the boat.

First, make your way into the only open doors on the deck of the Sandship, to the left of the entrance.. Exit the brig and run all the way back to the deck of the ship, where we passed by the locked door earlier.. Now you're at the top, so you can defeat the enemy here and jab at the mechanism to twist it back into place, unlocking the cage around the timeshift stone and the door to the ship.. Head inside the same doors of the ship as before, and you'll find things are very different with the timeshift stone activated.. Next, go down the hallway in this room and take the second door on the left, leading into a room with two enemies and a block and switch puzzle.. Now, go back to the previous room where you found the Dungeon Map to deactivate the timeshift stone again.. Then, stand on the switch on the left side of the room, and aim through the fan grate to the target in the next room, which unlocks that door.. Once at the top, deactivate the timeshift stone, and then go back down and return to the room.. This deactivates the electric field blocking the next room, and if you use the switch in here that finally unlocks all doors in the main hallway.. Head back to the lifeboat room once again, but this time exit through the left window, going down into the lower deck of the ship.. Once over, head under the next set of engine gears, and you'll need to climb over the next set by using the Whip to climb on top of them - remember, you can't climb these gears.. Flip the switch at the top here to open a shortcut through the engine room, and head through the crawlspace next to it.. Once done with your robot pals, head back through the crawlspace and engine room, to the lifeboat and back up to the top deck.. Stand on the switch on the one side of the room to open up a small vent, which you can shoot a target through, unlocking the door and allowing you to pass through.

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Nintendo via Polygon From the deck of the Sandship, head through the door on the right, and take the stairs down.. Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Nintendo via Polygon Before you head belowdecks, shoot the eye on the eastern mast, and ride the zip line to the end.. Image: Nintendo via Polygon In the room to the northwest, look up through the grate above you and shoot the Timeshift Stone.. Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Nintendo via Polygon Back in the hall go back to the Dungeon Map chest.. Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Nintendo via Polygon Back in the hallway, take the second door on the left to enter the room to the northeast.. Image: Nintendo via Polygon Step into the room to the west, and look up to shoot the Timeshift Stone (again).. Image: Nintendo via Polygon Fire an arrow through the hole that opens and hit the eye to unlock the door leading south.. Image: Nintendo via Polygon Pull out your bow and hit Tentalus in the eye.

So we have created a complete guide on finding these Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cubes in Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cubes.. Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cube 1: You can find your first Goddes Cube in the Lanayru desert.. Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cube 2: The second Cube can be also be found in the Lanayru Desert.. After you have hit the Goddess Cube, head to the island in the corner of the map to get your reward inside the chest.. Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cube 3: The third Cube is located in the Temple of Time.. Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cube 4: Reaching some cubes requires certain items in the game, and after getting the 1st three cubes, you will need Clawshot to get to this one.. Credit- Nintendo Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cube 5: To get this Cube, you will have to reach the southern part of the Lanayru Desert, where you found the timeshift stone in a cage.. After you take the Cube, return to Skyloft, and you find a chest on an island not far from the northwest of Fun Fun Island to get your reward.. Lanaryu Desert Goddes Cube 6: The 6th Goddess Cube is situated in the Sand Sea, where you will see a dock full of cargo containers.. To find your reward, head to the Bazaar in Skyloft to find the chest with the golden rupee inside to get your reward, you will have to head Northwest of Fun FUn to find an island with a metal gate leading to a cave.. Credit- Nintendo Lanaryu Desert Goddes Cube 7: To get your reward, you will have to head Northwest of Fun FUn to find an island with a metal gate leading to a cave.. Lanaryu Desert Goddess Cube 8: Now for the second last Cube, head to the Pirate Stronghold after you have completed it.

Now speak with the small robot looking for huge Timeshift Stones to offer to the Thunder Dragon.. Go on following the cart, walk on the temporary path, clear out the Technoblins, then grab the vines, let go on the switch and go ahead.. Now jump onto the temporary path, go left, then grab the vines on the left and let go on the slabs.. Use your Clawshots again on the vines ahead, go left while picking up the Stamina Fruits, and jump left when the wind isn't blowing.. Dig near the seedling to gather the Life Tree Seedling, then get back to the Bird Statue (by launching the Beetle at the Timeshift Stone in the cart) and take off to the.... Send the Beetle at the fruit to make it fall and pick up the Life Tree Fruit that can cure any illness!. Then, the three dragons join him to sing each part of their melody while Fi is dancing.. This song will reveal the entrance of the next trial and once you've succeeded this trial, the path to the Triforce will open.. Grab the ledge on the left, go left, let go near the fruit that you can pick up, then go to the vines, climb and pick up the second tear on the roof while avoiding the lantern carrier to the left.. Go down the small staircase, follow the path north by walking on a small wooden part (safer), then go towards the small windmill and jump lower at this place.. Cross the rocks again, go south (while staying left under the small pier), then, when the lantern carrier to the left is getting away, cross the bridge while picking up the eleventh tear on the way, then run to the path going up.. Climb the stairs while staying on the right to leave the graveyard, go right, then cross the bridge again but close to the end jump left, onto the river bank to avoid the lantern carrier.. *** If you have trouble completing this trial, especially close to the end, a solution is to not pick up the sixth tear which is easy to get and close to the start, and to keep it for the end in case you would get spotted by the guardians or the lantern carriers.

The most important production requirements are the following:. Existing production systems and the production cycle of sheep Existing production systems for mutton production can be divided into two main groups, namely extensive and intensive systems.. Intensive To prevent any confusion, the term intensive is defined as follows: Intensive sheep production is a system not defined under an extensive system and usually refers to a closed system, or a system which exists in a feeding pen or a production system from planted grazing or a combination thereof.. With intensive production systems there are two types of lambing seasons, namely an in-phase and accelerated lambing season.. In-phase lambing season In this system each ewe lambs only once a year.. In this system, sheep breeds with a long breeding season is used.. Factors such as marketing age, mating age and number of breeding seasons per year – which is directly dependent on the breed – determine the percentage breeding ewes in the herd.. Factors which influence the production period of breeding ewes are:. An early mating age and longevity of ewes are therefore very important factors to consider in the choice of a breed.. The above factors determine the number of marketable lambs per year.. It is, however, also important to look at the factors that influence the total mass of lamb produced per year.. The variation of the factors influencing the choice of a breed is sometimes greater within a breed as between different breeds.. (Video) BBB NL 2 of 2.m4v


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