Your Talent Is Mine Chapter 19: The Mysterious Girl with High level Cultivation talent (2022)

At the entrance to the black market.

Ye Tian looked at the two warriors guarding the door, and walked straight over.

The two warriors looked at Ye Tian carefully and found that Ye Tian was a little strange, but sensing the breath of Martial artist on Ye Tian, ​​they didn't stop Ye Tian.

Entering from the entrance, a stone step goes down.

Soon, Ye Tian came to the real underground black market.

The area of ​​the black market is very large, at least as big as a large square, there are many shops here, and many warriors are walking around.

Ye Tian found a shop that bought the materials of the fierce beasts and sold the materials of the fierce beasts he had hunted for a total of 200,000 yuan, which was a small gain.

"Martial Pavilion!"

Ye Tian came to the door of this shop and looked at the shop carefully.

In terms of area and scale, this shop is undoubtedly the largest shop in the black market.

Walking into the Martial Pavilion, a female warrior clerk walked in front of Ye Tian and respectfully said: "Master Martial artist, do you have anything to buy? We sell various items in the Martial Pavilion, and almost all purchasable items can be found in our Martial Pavilion !"

"Does your Wu Pavilion have any Secrets Manual for martial arts practice?"Ye Tian asked.

The female clerk smiled and said: "Is the Martial Master talking about the Yuanli Refinement Method? But our Martial Pavilion only has the low-level Yuanli Refinement Method. As for the higher Refinement method, that is available only in the big bases!"

Yuanli Refinement body method!

Ye Tian heard this name for the first time, and it can’t be blamed that he didn’t know it. The main reason was that the senior officials of Linhai Base had too strict management about knowledge of martial artists, and it was difficult for Body-tempering realm warriors and ordinary people to access this type of knowledge. Nor will it teach too much martial artist knowledge, obviously this is a silent rule of the Linhai base high-level.

"Do you have a list of items available in Martial Pavilion? I want to see it before buying!" Ye Tian thought for a while.

"Yes!"The female clerk nodded and quickly retrieved a list of items.

There are many items recorded on this item list, not only the Yuanli refinement method, but also the blood of fierce beasts, healing liquids, weapons, secret techniques, and exotic treasures. Some precious treasures are worth just million of Yuan for a single one.

Originally, Ye Tian thought he was rich, but after seeing these items, he knew that his money was not much at all, at most it was only enough for him to cultivate at the martial artist level.

"A low-level Yuanli refinement method, one martial artist's list of linhai base, three intermediate blood of the beast, a map of the beast allocation, and three bottles of condensed Yuan liquid!"

Ye Tian said one by one.

The female clerk calculated: "The low-level Yuanli refinement method is 50,000 yuan, the warrior data is 10,000 yuan, three intermediate beast blood is 500,000 yuan, the beast map is 20,000 yuan, and three bottles of condensed Yuan liquid are 1 million yuan! A total of 1.58 million yuan!"

Suddenly spending 1.58 million yuan, even Ye Tian was a little distressed, but fortunately, he got the property of Shadow Li Cun, which was very around Three million yuan, otherwise he would really not be able to bear such a purchase.

After paying the money, Ye Tian got these things in his hands.

Just when Ye Tian was about to leave, the female clerk opened the mouth and said, "Master Martial Artist, our Martial Pavilion supervisor wants to see you. I wonder if the adults have time?


"The supervisor of Martial pavilion wants to see me?"Ye Tian frowned slightly, and didn't want to go, but if you think about it, it's better to go and meet.

In fact, he was also curious about what Martial pavilion's supervisor want with him?

Under the leadership of the female clerk, Ye Tian came to the second floor of a Martial Pavilion.

Here, he met the supervisor of Martial Pavilion.

"A Girl!"Ye Tian was a little surprised.

He originally thought that Martial Pavilion's supervisor was a middle-aged man or an old man, but he did not expect it was a girl, and she was not very old, at most about eighteen or nineteen.

Subconsciously, he checked the talent situation of Director of Martial Pavilion.

At this look, his heart was shocked.

Human: Yue Ling

Cultivation talent: advanced

Swordsmanship talent: medium

Speed ​​talent: inferior


Real genius!

This is the true genius that Ye Tian has seen since trans-migrating over this world, and the comparison between Mo Shaobei and others and Yue Ling is distance between heaven and earth.

"It turned out to be a high-level talent, and also possesses a medium-sized swordsmanship talent and a second-rate speed talent, coupled with the opponent's age and origin, I am afraid that she is already an elite warrior!" Ye Tian thought.

Immediately, he was excited.

He doesn't care about the medium swordsmanship talent, because he already has the medium Blademaster talent, even if he replicates the medium swordsmanship talent, it is difficult to increase his strength, but he also doesn't need the inferior speed talent .What he wants to copy is advanced cultivation talent.

Inferior speed talent cannot make his elementary speed talent stronger, but advanced cultivation talent can transform his talent into advanced cultivation talent.

"My copy talent can be copied again, but now I can only copy one. Although the inferior speed talent is useful, it is not very useful to me. It is better to copy the advanced cultivation talent. After all, after today, you may not have the opportunity to contact Yue again.."

So Ye Tian showed a pure smile and stretched out a slightly immature right hand: "Hello, my name is Ye Tian!"

Yue Ling hesitated a little, but still stretched out his right hand ,her hands which were like a beautiful jade, shook Ye Tian lightly, and immediately retracted it.

But what Yue Ling didn't know was that Ye Tian copied Yue Ling's advanced cultivation talent the moment he touched Yue Ling's right hand.


Ye Tianxin was overjoyed, and his heart was full of laughter.

"Hello, I'm Yue Ling, the supervisor of Martial Pavilion." Yue Ling introduced himself, and immediately made the female clerk leave with a look.

"Director Yue, what are you looking for me?" Ye Tian asked straightaway.

Yue Ling sat down, stared at Ye Tian, ​​and asked, "Ye Tian, ​​you should have just been promoted to a martial artist? Do you know the origin of our Martial Pavilion?"

"I was indeed just promoted to a martial artist. As for the origin of Martial Pavilion, I don't know, but it must be a major force in Linhai Base." Ye Tian said.

"No!" Yue Ling shook his head, "Our Martial Pavilion is not a power in the Linhai Base. Although the Linhai Base is only a small force, it is difficult to contact with other bases, but some large bases have established branches in the Linhai base because of the Linhai base. Because of its special geographical location, those bases are also worried about accidents in the Linhai Base. For those large bases, the Linhai Base is a gateway for transaction and resources. Therefore, even if the Linhai Base is weak, people will be stationed here, and Martial pavilion comes from such big base. "

"From the big base!"

Ye Tian showed a clear look, no wonder Martial pavilion was able to sell so many treasures.

And he had guessed the identity of Yue Ling, she must come from the big base, and her identity is very noble.

What is Yue Ling doing at Linhai Base?

This is just a small base!

"Director Yue asked me to come..."

Ye Tian asked in a puzzled manner.

"Are you willing to join the Martial Pavilion? I think you are 16 or 17 years old at most, and you have already been promoted to the martial artist level. More importantly, you are not from a few big families in the Linhai base, which is even more valuable for us to manage. So I want to invite you to join Martial Pavilion!" Yue Ling said truthfully.

"Director Yue, I don't want to join any forces for the time being!"

Ye Tian refused without even thinking about it.

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